Train like a pro and get the best benefits of altitude in the tropics.


Train like a pro and get the best benefits of altitude in the tropics.


Train like a pro and get the best benefits of altitude in the tropics.

Altitude Training CAmp

Train where the best climbers in the world train

Located in Boyacá, where Colombia’s best climbers have been born, our altitude training camp offers just that. Long, steady rides at 9000 feet and up during a week of beautiful scenery, expert cycling coaches and comfortable housing.

Our six-day camp starts out with a ride that, though not easy, will let you settle in to the altitude and climate. After that we have designed five stages that will challenge even the best riders and help them achieve their goals.

A profesional coach will talk about the days stage and goals in the morning, before each ride. In the afternoons the day’s work plan is discussed.



Training in Boyacá gave me a clear advantage when I arrived at a race I had alsways wanted to do well in.

Henry Svendblad, Arizona

Type of Ride:
Road bike, mountanous stages an 9000 feet and above

Fitness Level:
7 / 9

Technical level:
5 / 9


$1790usd (Starting from 2 people)

Bike Rental starting from USD 40 per day.

Group size:
Min  3
Max 12


Transportation to and from the airport


  • 7 nights 7 days shared room
  • Director Sportiff
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the entire stay
  • Hydration and snacks during each stage
  • 2 Gels (Hammer Nutrition)
  • Accident Insurance.
  • Support Vehicle
  • In-ride tech service
  • video and photography
  • Gift
NOT Included:


  • Massage ($18 usd per person per massage)
  • Visits to bearby attractions
  • Spare parts, innertubes
  • Extra gels, or bars
  • Bike rental


On the first day, we will start check-in at noon, where you will be taken to the hotel and get your bike (or your rental) out of the workshop to get it ready for the coming rides. You will be interviewed by our coach about your objectives and in the evening we’ll have our welcome dinner and get everyone acquainted.

Stay in a comfortable hotel in Bogotá.

Breakfast with a description of the day’s ride, then getting your gear ready and packed in the transport.


Rolling hills that will let you settle in and get used to the lack of air. 

Short climbs with lenient gradients. Medium difficulty level.


After ride snack and then transfer to the hotel in Boyaca, the base of the following rides. Dinner and debriefing


Breakfast and day’s ride briefing

The Condor Tour

Again a day of short climbs with shallow gradients. A day to work on steady efforts at high speed combined with Hard efforts.

After ride snack and then dinner. Post ride debriefing at dinner time.



 Breakfast, and off we go.

The Tota Lake Tour

This ride goes around the Tota Lake, and has several longer climbs with steeper gradients. A good ride to test your endurance and strength. WE will get a chance to enjoy as well the biggest natural lake in the country and the lovely countryside and towns that surround it.

After ride snack and then dinner. Ride discussion.


Breakfast and another great ride ahead of us.

The Three Valley Tour

Today we will ride over three mountain ranges and across three valleys. Lots of climbing with short, medium and long hills. This ride will take us to a few towns with a warmer weather and not many tourists so you can experience a more authentic side of the region.

Post ride snack, then dinner and debriefing.Guardar


 Breakfast any one? 

The Epic Mountains Tour

Need we say more? At an average of 12,000 feet, this ride will certanly put your lungs to the test, not to mention your tired legs.



Breakfast and a description of the day’s ride and goals.

Not a rest day by any means, but a repriese from the past few hard days. Rolling hills, tempo ride.

Post ride snack and later on dinner and debriefing.

Late breakfast and off to our last ride

This is a shorter ride with a series of small climbs with a big, steep, climb at the end. A perfect farewell to the Altitude Training Camp.

After lunch we will have time to pack and head back To Bogotá for your flights back home or where ever your next destinatin may be.


All of our rides start and finish at a quaint little town called Firavitoba. There are several tourist attractions nearby that can be visited upon request such as:

– The town of Iza with it’s lovely architecture and local dessert market
– The town of Tibasosa with beatiful streets, colonial houses and privileged location
– The white sand beaches in lake Tota
– The Independence Monument of Pantano de Vargas


Since we will be high up in the mountains, its cold, even if the sun is out, so propper clothing is important so you can enjoy your rides. An average of 60 degrees Farenheit is the norm, with a low of 45 in the early morning.



Since we will be living and trainig at altitude, we have designed an energy-rich menu that will include plenty of fruit, cereals, eggs, oatmeal, juice and coffee. Our lunch menu consists of  local potatoe varieties, yuca, fresh vegetables and meats. A hearty soup will be served after every ride and local pastries will be available for dessert.. If you are a vegetarian, we can also have that menu for you.


Your Bicycle: Since this is a demanding training program its important you have your own bike with you. You will be able to take on the support vehicle a bag with extra clothing in case you want to change or put on a warmer jacket.  This training camp is for experienced riders so everyone should already know what to take with you on a ride.


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