One of the most spectacular and unknown places in Colombia


5 days for an unknown area for most


A natural spectacle every day

north of bogotá lies an amazing land to explore

The provinces of Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Santander may not be as popular as other regions of Colombia but they hold some of the best natural and cultural wonders hidden in plain sight. The most beautiful colonial towns, highland plateaus, deep canyons, incredible waterfalls, authentic rural life and a diverse culture. This Bike Tour allows you to discover the Andes Region in a way that few have seen. On top of this get to ride impressive trails and climb a few mountains in this mix of guided great cycling routes and activities. It is a mix of popular and hidden destinations that are absolutely worth the trip.

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4/9 (See levels)

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4/9 (See Levels)

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4 Max 12


October 18th to 23rd 2022


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Bike Colombia tours are a blend of adventure and the best possible experience to discover hidden wonders and must-see attractions. Where support logistics, planning and guidance are not a luxury but a key part of a memorable experience.

Among the sites we explore in this route is:

  • The city of Bogotá
  • The Nemocón salt mines or the Suesca boulders, the Suesca lagoon
  • The Candelaria Desert
  • The colorful town of Raquira
  • The Villa de Leyva colonial town and landscape
  • The Chocó Cave and the Virgin’s Mantle Waterfall
  • Cocoa, Sugar Cane and Coffee farms
  • Rafting in the Fonce river
  • The Juan Curí waterfall
  • The Towns of Barichara and San Gil along with the Suarez and Chicamocha canyons

Each day we rode to new wonders, with the support and logistics needed in such an adventure.

Olga Lucía Martínez

Bogotá, Colombia


day 1: Welcome and discover Bogotá

The first day we’ll get to know a bit about the biggest city and capital of the country while we get ready for the days ahead. We will meet in the afternoon in Julie’s apartment and do a quick testing of the bikes. Then we will pedal to the Usaquén neighborhood where we will hold a briefing dinner to go over the details of the coming days.

Stay in Bogotá (not included).

Ride distance: 15-20 Km

Day 2: OUT of the big city and into the plateau

We’ll leave the sounds of the city in the morning and transfer to the town of Nemocón where we will visit the salt mines that have now been turned into a museum worth visiting, we might even get the chance to ride inside the mine.

After this the pedalings kicks off. We have a big day ahead to reach the town of Raquira in a ride going up past the lagoon and then down in parts through abandoned train tracks. We will pass by a few towns in the Ubaté savannah and then climb again to the highlands for a final long descent reaching the picturesque town of Raquira known for its pottery, colorful houses and handcrafts.

Ride distance: 80km (55mi) – 1450Mts elevation gain.

Stay in Ráquira.

Day 3: Past the desert lies villa de leyva

We will head into the desert of la Candelaria which separates Ráquira and Suesca visiting ancient indigenous sites and enjoying the landscape in the way. Then we will drop into the Ricaurte province in which Villa de Leyva lies. The province has been nominated to be in UNESCO’s world heritage sites for it’s beauty and rich history. We will visit the Blue ponds, the Winery and the paleonologic museum on the way. Our destination will be Villa de Leyva, a town which has a unique colonial charm to it.

We will stay in Villa de Leyva in a nice boutique hotel. 

Ride distance: 38km (26mi) – 900Mts elevation gain.

Day 4: Valleys, Caves and waterfalls

The pedaling today will go first towards the town of Arcabuco, home of the “Almojabanas” local pastry. Having tried some, we will  continue to the town of Gámbita. In the way we’ll get a full view of the Iguaque mountain range and a hidden Valley where the diminute town of “La Palma” lies. To reach it, we might take singletrack that passes through rivers and farms or take the dirt road. After a snack in the town square, we will continue on our bike along a dirt road stopping for a short hike that will lead us to discover the Chocó cave with its rock formations, natural pools and lush wildlife. We will quickly stop in Gámbita and the continue to the Virgin’s mantle waterfall. A truly amazing place to see sorrounded by the Hondura Canyon. This beautifull waterfall covers the rocky surface forming a white veil seen from miles away.

We will sleep in a farm stay close to the waterfall.

Ride distance: 67km (43mi) – 1250Mts elevation gain.

Day 5: into santander

We’ll get up early to visit the Rainbow Waterfall and see first hand why it’s named that way. Then we’ll go up a steep climb to the Pamar lagoon. After this we’ll go into the Alto Guanentá natural park leaving civilization behind but blending in with lush nature all around.

Our path down the valley will eventually lead us to past Virolin and keep descending besides the Fonce river until we reach the town of Charalá.

We will sleep in a rural hotel in Charalá.

Ride distance: 61km (40mi) – 920Mts elevation gain.

Day 6: raft and barichara

San Gil has a multitude of adventure sports activities and probably the best known is their white water river rafting. We will off course try it and then get on our bikes heading towards the town of Barichara, another colonial jewel. To get there we will go around the Suarez river canyon, catching some truly beatitul landscapes and then climb to Barichara where we will be staying in a boutique lodge.


  • Transportation including bikes and small luggage along the planned itinerary
  • Logistics and preparation of a unique and exclusive experience
  • All Breakfasts and lunches and 2 dinners
  • Hydration and snacks while pedaling
  • 9-day Accident Insurance.
  • Emergency Assistance, logistics
  • Driving guide and bilingual guides on bicycle (1 per 6 riders)
  • Support Vehicle for 9 days
  • Entry fees to the different attractions and local guides.


  • Personal Items purchased during the expedition.
  • Drinks or extra meals you want to buy on the way.
  • Other Activities
  • Tips for your Guides


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