Andes Epic international challenger

This 8 day challenge will give you the chance to compete in the best multistage MTB race in Colombia as well as getting to explore the surrounding trails and attractions on your bike and off it in an incredible experience that you will not forget.

Colombia is one of the world’s most amazing, yet unknown destinations for nature and adventure sports. It was recently nominated as the second best country to visit in 2017 . The combination of nature and people makes for a great biking destination and breeding ground to world class cyclists. Andes Epic is the competition that joins all of this together in the best multi stage MTB race of the country through lavish jungles, cool highlands, twisting singletracks and colonial towns. But since it is not just about beating the clock all the time, you will get a chance to extend the challenge while you discover hidden natural landmarks in your bike before and after the race and even have some time off it to go into other adventure activities and get to know the local culture. We will take care of the logistics and details to ensure you make this visit a memorable, if not life changing experience.

In colonial times many adventurers were drawn to find the mythical legend of “El Dorado” not knowing that the real treasure was always around them. Now it’s your chance to discover this and fight for the glory of finishing against other challengers in “Andes Epic, in search of El Dorado”.


Itinerary (per day):

  1. Bog-Barbosa
  2. Andes Epic day 1
  3. Andes Epic day 2
  4. Andes Epic day 3
  5. Florian
  6. San Gil
  7. Barichara
  8. Chicamocha
  9. Bogotá

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February 9, 2017

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