Between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


5 days and 4 nights of MTB All-Mountain adventure with all


Epic climbs, amazing descents, nature, culture, anyway. Safety pin


You are about to take part in a challenging MTB adventure ride that is simply spectacular.

A magical place between the sea and the mountains, sacred land of indigenous cultures and national parks of incredible biodiversity and beauty. It is the highest coastal mountainous formation in the world and with the highest peaks in Colombia.

key facts of this tour

Type of adventure:

Physical Level:
5 / 9 ( See levels )

Technical Level:
 5 / 9 ( See Levels )

Group Size:
Minimum 8
Maximum 20


Dates: November 29 in the afternoon/evening to December 3, 2023 in the afternoon


We offer this adventure as a package in which we include all the services, lodging and meals plues the support during the route and much more. See the details below.

You just have to arrive to the city of Santa Marta with your bike (or we can arrange a rental) and we will take care of the rest.


We have designed routes to cover the best of this wild paradise while we take on the adventure of climbing to the summits and also descending through exciting singletracks and roads.

All this while we know the natural and cultural attractions of this place known by the natives as the navel of the world.

  • Singletrack and aqueduct trail.
  • Gaira River
  • Wiwa indigenous village
  • kennedy hill
  • Marinka waterfalls


What a great adventure I lived with Bike Colombia. I would repeat it without hesitation!

Angelo Forero
Fort Collins, USA



The meeting will be in a hotel the historic center of the city of Santa Marta. We will pick you up with your bike in the airport of the region (airport code SMR). You can easily find flights to this destination but we can help with this as well.

In the afternoon we will meet to prepare our bicycles and elements for the adventure. At night we will have our briefing dinner in a special place where we will cover the goals, the route and the logistics to follow.

It will also be the opportunity to get to know each other and do a short ride to roam the streets and beaches of the city.


As soon as we leave the city, we will take a road that goes up, bordering the river, that will gradually narrow get steeper more until we reach its end. From there we will take a singletrack trail that goes along the edge of an old aqueduct. We will have some segments where we will have to walk and maintain our balance and others where we will be able to pedal with pleasure.

We will arrive at a hidden point where we can enjoy the crystalline waters and cool off. From there we will continue to an indigenous community of the Wiwa group, one of the 3 that inhabit this land, where we will respectfully pass. The climb will continue to the town of Minca where we will have lunch and a well-deserved rest.

We will continue ascending one to our goal for the day, some bungalows with a view of the Sierra.

  • Distance: 36 km
  • Total climbing: 980mts
Día 3: la subida épica al kennedy

After a good breakfast, our way continues for the main climbing test of this expedition to the summit of the Kennedy hill until the high mountain battalion. A road in good condition begins for a few kilometers and then it goes into the forest more and more surrounded by nature. The climate and landscape start changing as well as the road that becomes more technical. We will take several rest points and then go along a spectacular route that will take us to the top with a remarkable effort at the end up to 2,900 meters high.

The effort is totally worth it with the view and peace that you feel when completing this climb. From there the fun begins going down, an epic descent that will fill us with smiles and satisfaction. Then we will take some paths that will take us by another trail back to Minca where this long day will end.

  • Distance: 48 km
  • Total climbing: 2000mts

 Today we are going to cover some legendary routes of the Sierra, roads and old tracks that pass through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

We will start with the main course, the Kraken, a fast and fun trail where there was once a road. To get there we will first have to climb a little higher, but the prize deserves it as we will be passing the Marinka waterfalls on the way. At the end of this descent, we will have an optional support on vehicle to return to Minka for lunch.

In the afternoon we will have dessert, the Clockwork Orange, another trail that requires less climbing to start but is a little wilder on its way down. Upon return we will have the option of going up with support and having a good sports massage.

  • Distance: 38 km
  • Total climbing: 1500mts (partially assisted with a vehicle)

We will descend from the Sierra, towards the Caribbean Sea. But not before going through one last test. The wall of purgatory that we will have to climb for a couple of kilometers, on the road. The challenge will be not to get off the bike and walk.

At the top we will regroup to begin our descent down an ancient path, which will also be a technical challenge for many until the incline lessens and from there it becomes a flowing, fast path back to civilization. We continue along secondary roads to finally enter the city of Santa Marta at the finish line near the beach.

There a good cocktail awaits us as a closing of the great adventure we have experienced.

We will have lunch and a closing ceremony to then go on to a well-deserved rest on the beach, stay in a comfortable hotel and return to our places of origin the next day, or stay to visit the other places such as the Tayrona park, Scuba diving,  The lost city, etc.

  • Distance: 51 km
  • Total climbing: 1100mts

what’s included?

  • Transportation of basic luggage during the journey between the different resting locations
  • Logistics and preparation of a unique and exclusive experience
  • 5 night stay in a mix of comfortable boutique hotels and rural stays shared twin or single occupancy.
  • 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 5 dinners
  • Hydration and snacks during the rides the 5 days.
  • Accident insurance for 5 days.
  • Emergency assistance, logistics supervisor and concierge
  • Support vehicle for the 4 days in the Sierra.
  • Entrance fees to the different attractions and local guides.
  • Full body sports massage.
  • Coffee tasting and tour.
  • A commemorative high quality cycling jersey and other souvenirs (80 USD value)
  • At least a daily beer on the house

what’s not included

  • Flight tickets to the City of Santa Marta.
  • Personal items purchased during the expedition.
  • Drinks or additional meals that you want to buy on the way.
  • Tips for your guides

If you’re ready, book or sign up now! The worst regret is not living life to the fullest, and you will not regret this adventure.


We will reply very quickly via Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. Also feel free to call us.

FAQ and logistics

en blanco

We want you to have the best experience with us, which is why we have these policies:

Small groups for a memorable experience: Our limit of participants is 30 people in each expedition so that you receive good attention and it does not become an impersonal and delayed crowd. We will have 1 guide for every 8 people maximum.

Deposit to separate your quota (which is not lost, if you cannot go) : In expedition-type departures, separate your quota with 50,000 pesos, organize your agenda and transport and pay the rest before the deadline. If you can’t go we will keep the deposit for a next trip.

Minimum number of participants: We need at least 8 people to carry out our expedition trips. Help us get 5 new participants who have not participated in other Bike Colombia outings and we can give you a discount of up to 50% on your next adventure with us. If we do not reach the minimum number, you can use the value in a subsequent expedition or we can refund the money by subtracting the deposit and transaction costs.


Place of departure and arrival: The place of departure will be the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. When you finish your registration we will tell you the exact place because we like to keep the adventure in suspense.

Each participant organizes their arrival in this city. It can be by plane to the Simon Bolivar International Airport (SMR). If you take the Cacique package we will pick you up and your bike at the airport and back at the end of the adventure.

There is also the option of arriving by bus or in your own car if you live in Colombia.


Physical and technical level: One of the key points to achieve the challenge and have an excellent time is to be honest with your physical and technical level.

This expedition requires an intermediate level physical effort as we will have 4 days of pedaling, 40km on average and various ascents. It is a challenge that someone with an intermediate level of mountain biking can achieve if they set the goal, train and focus on overcoming. Finishing it is the objective and if your body or mind do not allow you to continue, remember that we have a companion vehicle but you are not going to give up so easily, are you?


Climate and altitude: The riding will take place between a height of 0 to 2900 meters. It will be between warm and cold with chances of rain.
Stay: The area to visit is remote and with basic infrastructure, we will stay in town hotels without luxuries but with what is necessary to rest.

Food: 2 breakfasts and 3 lunches are included on the journey. At night we leave the freedom for everyone to choose their menu at local restaurants. Hydration and snacks are included during the pedaling.

Insurance: For everyone’s safety we include an accident insurance on the trip that covers the three days. In any case, it is recommended to have your own medical insurance up to date.

Tips :Our guides are open to tips if you feel you have received excellent service and want to support them.

Security: The area where the expedition will take place is touristic and secure. Only basic precautions need to be taken in the city.



Bicycle: It is essential to take a mountain bike in good condition, we suggest that it is not low-end for your comfort on trails and long pedaling, but if there is no other option, it is fine. Take it to a mechanical review so you don’t have problems during the journey. Carry essential spare parts such as brake pads, tensioner claw, tire. We will have basic mechanical assistance material.

Luggage: We will take a small luggage  with what is necessary for 5 days in the support vehicle. We suggest that they be: 3 changes of Change Clothes, 4 changes of bicycle clothes, a windproof cycling jacket and a waterproof jacket. Some spare tennis shoes or sandals. Basic toiletries. In addition to this, everyone must carry their cycling elements: Helmet, Gloves, Tools, Tire, Puncture Kit, Glasses, Flashlight.